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25+ years of


"Excellent Processes Produces Extraordinary Results"

P3 Solution’s mission is to help companies and organizations establish effective repeatable processes that place them in a better position to pursue improvement and growth opportunities.
Why Engage Our Team

A Growing Problem and Challenge Amongst Businesses and Organizations today…


A large number of organizations, institutions, and most small business do not have the following:

  • Written or documented procedures or processes in place

  • Checks and balances to ensure current processes are being followed

  • Monitoring mechanisms in place for existing processes

  • A way of measuring the effectiveness of current processes


This type of problem is more common and is progressively getting worse as more companies increase outsourcing rates and lose valuable resources that maintained a wealth of knowledge about business and IT related functions.


An Available Solution...

P3 Solutions is a Consulting Services company that functions as a virtual PMO (Project Management Organization) that companies and organizations can engage to help establish repeatable processes and manage internal projects that will help keep cost contained and quality constantly improving.


P3 Solutions provides a wealth of experience and expertise across multiple industries and sectors that include...

  • Banking 

  • Airline

  • Utilities

  • College Institutions

  • Technology (Infrastructure)

  • Non-Profit Organizations

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