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About Us

In 2014, Paul Patrick, III launched P3 Solutions, a Consulting Services company that functions as a virtual PMO (Project Management Organization) that companies and organizations can engage to help establish repeatable processes and manage internal projects that will help keep cost contained and quality constantly improving.

While working in Operations and Technology arenas across multiple industries over the years, Paul witnessed a steady trend that involved the lack of process documentation and procedures.  In many cases, teams relied and fully depended on Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to keep systems up and running on schedule. Often, these SMEs, kept valuable process information in “their heads” and rarely document specific steps or procedures.

This type of problem is more common and is progressively getting worse as more companies increase outsourcing rates and lose valuable resources that maintained a wealth of knowledge about business and IT related functions. If large companies with bigger budgets and more resources available have such challenges, this same scenario is also occurring in small businesses and organizations that manage much smaller budgets and less resources.

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